The Red Robin Costume Came Out of Nowhere

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Tim Drake took over the mantle of Robin from Dick Grayson in “The New Batman Adventures” after stealing his costume, and…wait, that’s a very different costume that we’ve never seen before, and it never gets explained. Where the heck did the red Robin suit come from?

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0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Sponsor
2:53 – The Robin Suit Conundrum
5:32 – Never-Before-Seen
7:49 – Option 1: The Same Costume
11:34 – Option 2: Jason Todd
16:12 – Giveaways
17:02 – Option 3: Little Richard
19:02 – Right Under Our Bat-Nose
21:45 – Outro

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35 thoughts on “The Red Robin Costume Came Out of Nowhere”

  1. The Boy Wonder's comic origin actually referred to Robin Hood, especially as depicted in William Soare's art. There you got a bird-red tunic with lincoln-green highlights. So yeah…definitely wierd to see a Robin costume with no green.

  2. We here really talking about the Red Suite, when Barb is rocking the Blue and Yellows, which are a completely different design? Not to mention Catwoman more simplified costumes and poison Ivy's serious melanin issue. I think the different lens theory is the only way to explain it, all the other appearances were just fan service in non-canon breaking appearances.

  3. Personally, I like the idea that it was the outfit when Dick was younger long before the BTAS. To me, that would make sense concerning the DCAU timeline because this version of Tim Drake was actually a combination of Jason Todd and Tim Drake in the comics. It's not as weird as the changes to Joker's redesign in TNAB.

    However, at the same time even though the character designers didn't put much thought into it, the other thing you could also take into consideration is that it would be a lot more easier for the animators and colorists to work with that in the it'd make things more steam lined in that regard. Ultimately in the animation industry, simplicity in design makes the difference.

    Ultimately, I wouldn't exactly try to compare the spin off comics or any other timeline because there's really no point in over thinking the creative liberty that Bruce Timm and the rest of the creators made when they were making the show. (At least… from my perspective having studied animation)

  4. This is so much effort to explain away something that is clearly just a continuity error resulting from new writers/artists that either wanted to put their own spin on the source material because they're making it now or never bothered to look into it in the first place.

  5. Ok, so the new robin is a kid and the old robin way college age when he was wearing the suit, so it obviously can't be the same suit because that would be physically impossible a suit that fits a 20 year old does not fit a 13 year old, that much should be obvious, then to make it all make sense you just have to say that is the robin suit Dick Grayson wore when he was younger, then they had a new one made when he out grew it so the red robin outfit is Dick's original costume, we never see Dick when he is younger as robin so it works out pretty good I think. I hope this video goes in this direction, I'm only half way through but that is how I would recon it in.

  6. For Batgirl to dream reference (yes, I'm making that a thing) Dick's original suit, she had to have seen it at one point. Using a bit of reality on this, when we dream, it's usually mixed with references we've seen or are familiar with. So, the green and red is a carry over from BTAS. Tim's suit could have been a prototype that Dick (maybe Jason) wore for a quick moment before getting his own proper suit.

    Also, I love how comic book Tim's suit eventually evolves into the animated version after Infinite Crisis during the 1 year later storyline in Teen Titans.