The Flash: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes

2023 has been an important year in the history of The Flash in live action as the very long running CW series ended after 9 seasons and 184 episodes mere weeks before the release of the first live action Flash movie after a very long and troubling development that took basically the entire length of the aforementioned show. With these releases, we’ve now reached the first time in a decade where we don’t have any live action content on the horizon and
because of this, this is the perfect time to look back on the live action history of The Flash and more specifically the live action adaptations of The Flash’s costume.

— Timestamps —

00:00 – Intro
1:32 – Number 15
2:37 – Number 14
3:06 – Number 13
3:41 – Number 12
4:57 – Number 11
5:37 – Number 10
6:21 – Number 9
7:28 – Number 8
8:07 – Number 7
9:10 – Number 6
9:48 – Number 5
10:57 – Number 4
11:49 – Number 3
13:13 – Number 2
14:23 – Number 1

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39 thoughts on “The Flash: Best and Worst Live Action Costumes”

  1. For me the Season 8/9 suit was perfect.

    It was the perfect showcase of transferring a superhero suit from Comic to Live Action.

    (On a separate note, Tom’s RF suit would have been perfect if it was exactly like Grants but reverse colours. Instead they made weird changes and put the zipper on the front?)

  2. DC can't make a good Flash suit nowadays to save their lives. The CW suits, the suit from DC Super Pets, Ezra Miller's new suits, the suit from Kill the Justice League. they all look terrible. The only good Flash suits are the ones from the early seasons of the Flash and the first suit Ezra wore in SS and JL (for the most part.)

  3. I agree with everything except the last few. CW s4 suit is perfect in my eyes, and the s6-9 suit(s) looks to awkward to me. Probably mostly cuz i just never really liked the skintight look for live action stuff.
    Also the armored DCEU suit kinda grew on me a little, I kinda like it more than the Flash movie suit, but that decision changes all the time, so eh.