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In 1964, the biggest change to the costume up to that point came courtesy of DC Editor Julius Schwartz, who upon taking over Batman and Detective Comics, put a yellow oval around Batman’s chest insignia so that readers would immediately recognize that this was Schwartz’s “New Look” Batman. This is what my warlock alt’s going to be wearing, and I am feeling no shame over it. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of one of DC Comics’ biggest stars, SYFY WIRE took a look back at the evolution of Batman’s superhero suit with comic book historian Peter Sanderson. If Adams and O’Neil wanted to return Batman to his grim roots, Miller took him a notch or two further. While it isn’t a part of his costume, per se, Adams drew Batman to be a much leaner, more trim fighter. Nonetheless, writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Neal Adams did the same thing Schwartz and Infantino had done a few years before: bring Batman back to his darker, grimmer roots, only, this time, they really kept him there.

It’s a true sign of strength in the character when Batman can be serious and funny and it not be all that weird. Halloween costumes are very popular and worn predominantly on this day as a sign of celebrations. 33 and more thoroughly in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One – the black and grey costume stood out among the flashier superhero outfits of the day. Once the Silver Age started around 1956, the zany antics of your favorite heroes often ruled the day. From the time they are toddlers rummaging through the toy box looking for their favorite boys costumes of the moment and becoming an imaginary action figure, make believe play is an activity that is never boring to them. Does Shazam! prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jim Gordon got to play exactly that, stepping into his own Batsuit during Bruce Wayne’s temporary retirement–a Batsuit that would be adapted into toy form along with every other DCEU superhero? Character costumes naturally followed, and we got the one, true change in Batman’s appearance. Once Bruce Wayne recovered from his spinal injury and reclaimed his mantle as the one, true Batman, the more recognizably classic design returned and, to date, hasn’t left again.

References to Digimon in popular culture - Wikimon - The ... The Dark Knight Returns is, in many ways, a greatest hits of the way Batman had looked up to 1986, when the story was published, but with one, distinctive difference: the utility belt. Jim Lee illustrated “Hush,” one of the best story arcs in Batman history. Unfortunately, one suit that is not currently available is the one worn by Robert Pattinson in next year’s The Batman, so it’s a good thing that “The Batman 2022 suit” mod is available to correct this oversight. Faced with declining sales by 1964, editor Julius Schwartz and artist Carmine Infantino brought Batman most of the way back to where he started: as a detective. By the end of the story, Miller also brought back the black to Batman’s cape, cowl, trunks, and boots. No matter what Batman needed, he just put his hand behind his back and brought out his next keen weapon. In many of the images of Batman in action, the pouches flop around, but it looks real.

And the pouches are still there. In his attempt to put a “real” spin on the Batman mythos, Miller drew the belt as what it really was: a yellow belt with pouches. Yellow, armored shoulder pads and a yellow belt thingy across the left thigh adorn the look (why, exactly, did comic artists think belts on thighs was cool?). Until then, the utility belt was this thin strap of yellow plastic or leather with capsules all around it. The outfit comes with headpiece, jumpsuit with attached boot tops, cape and belt. There are many options available when it comes to choosing a costume, depending on the child’s age and gender, and depending on the occasion. These days this is a big and growing market and there are a number of manufacturers who are into this field and creating great cash out of this growing marketplace. This was great for someone committed to the franchise, but could be daunting to casual viewers.