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As Batman, Bruce Wayne has long been Gotham City’s protector, utilizing high-tech weapons, gadgets, and vehicles to assist him in his relentless pursuit of justice! EXCHANGE: Should you wish to exchange an item please contact us immediately via an eBay message so we can assist you. In fact, the angular, chalky people of the backwards Bizarro World generally seem much happier than we are, which sends kind of a disturbing message about the state of the Earth we know. We don’t actually have to look too far for our first candidate for a happy Batman-there may actually be one, relativistically speaking, right next door to the prime Earth we know best. However, it looks like Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne has given himself the best of both worlds, with a Batsuit equipped with armor that appears strong enough to prevent heavy damage, but light enough to increase his mobility. ’ To me, Batman not killing Heath Ledger at the end of The Dark Knight after proving he can get out of any prison, it’s like ‘Come on.

DC Comics just updated Azrael’s Knightfall costume - The Cultured Nerd Frank Miller’s moody and manic vision of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns and its sequels could never be mistaken for a happy one and is often credited with bringing the character down to a darker level than ever before. I wouldn’t say that Frank Miller’s Dark Knight is happy, but he’s clearly having a really good time being mad. Director Tim Burton and star Michael Keaton upped the ante with the follow-up to 1989’s Batman, the smash hit that single-handedly made the Dark Knight cool for a new generation and jump-started the superhero movie genre that had stalled years earlier with a disastrous string of Superman sequels. According to the show’s creators, this was deliberately done to invoke a less dark and violent depiction of Batman following the release of The Dark Knight. Keaton’s story, then, could be parallel to that of Barry Allen rather than part of the story of Miller’s character, making The Flash a secret Batman movie, too.

CREATIVE Barry Allen is the slowest man alive. There could be hope for redemption for Old Man Bruce in his relationship with his new protege, the plucky young Terry McGinnis, but this may be a Batman beyond smiling. This isn’t the last time we’ll see a Batman who had to compromise himself to follow through on his oath, but he may still be happy despite it all. Miller acknowledges that Batman isn’t just motivated by a childhood oath, but that he’s propelled by a bit of a sadistic streak as he punishes those who have earned his ire. Arguably, warriors got a bit of this with their tier 10 Ymirjar Lord armor, but again, it’s a matter of finding what motifs work and figuring out where to apply them. But as time went on, Bruce’s final enemy, mortality itself, got the best of him as he succumbed to cancer. In Batman’s case, Bruce Wayne eventually settled down with Selina Kyle and even raised a daughter, Helena Wayne, who went on to continue her father’s sworn duty as the Huntress. As long as there is evil in the world, Batman’s solemn duty is never done and he may never rest.

Sweet Martha, no. The future depicted by this universe in 2000’s Batman Beyond animated series and all the comics that followed shows us an embittered Batman disillusioned with his own capabilities and reckoning with a life he fears he may have wasted pursuing an impossible goal. In case your daughter love to become princess and she is passionate about dressing like a princess, then she may have the idea of buying a new princess’s outfit on this Halloween party. If you can’t quite stretch to buying or hiring a complete Halloween costumes, you could always put some outfits together yourself. Halloween is a time of dressing up and visiting your neighbors in the hope that they’ll give out some sweets. Batman and Robin are popular Halloween themes this year. And now, Prime 1 Studio brings you a handsome, powerful, and impressive Robin to complete the Caped Crusaders! Sure, we stock Batman costumes for adults, but we also have a wide assortment of a terrific range of Batman and Robin costumes for kids. We’ve made our case for the serious need to make Batman scary again, and now that DC fans have had the chance to see the Flashpoint suit on the page and in motion, we think they’d agree that burning eyes and sharpened shoulders would do the trick.