Hot toys The Flash Movie 1/6 scale Modern Batman Suit Batman figure

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39 thoughts on “Hot toys The Flash Movie 1/6 scale Modern Batman Suit Batman figure”

  1. 1:14 smiling face is soo insanely good you can see how he smiles cause he knows he will eF-you up 😀 that's a legendary expression, i love it so much

  2. Absolute pickup! I have the first two, and I must have all three Keaton Batmans by Hot Toys! This is a great one! I will not pass!!!! Grab it fast!

  3. Insane resemblance I was just gonna pick up the mcf statue of him unmasked I better wait for this here, but I wish we got a figure like this in 1/12-1/10 scale but that’ll never happen :/

  4. Oh man this looks really good!! Hot Toys really knocked it out of the park with this one. I have to say, this is the first time that I like what they did with the belt. I mean I would have still prefered a yellow belt but other companys make it look like the belt is completely black and it just looks bad. HT has decided to make it pop with a very cool looking silver and I love it. Perfect.