Did you know that in Batman Arkham City… (Secret Riddler Room)

Did you know about this secret riddler room in Batman Arkham City?

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29 thoughts on “Did you know that in Batman Arkham City… (Secret Riddler Room)”

  1. What exactly breaks? Is it the door still being locked and having no way out or something different? Just trying to figure out if theres some way to do this early and not get softlocked

  2. Add a big warning before trying to avoid collecting the damn throphies by doing that exploit . You'll ruin your save file . C'mon dude

  3. yeah don’t do this if you don’t wanna ruin the save file. i have over 2000 hours in this game, a good few of those hours were spent trying to figure out if this exact glitch could actually work.

  4. Yeah well doing any of that boundary breaking corrupts your data and you probably will need a new console to play the game be ause it will also corrupt yhe console's hard drive

  5. I did this and it soft locked my game so I had to start all over from a new save, but I ended up beating the whole game and collecting all riddler trophies