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Popular bunting styles include the pea pod, bumblebee, or chili pepper looks that are great for both boys and girls. They spend half their time pretending to be their favorite characters from cartoons, comics and movies and Halloween gives them a great excuse to dress up like them too. It is particularly popular because of the sheer variety of characters to decorate as. 10:07AM Tekken making the rounds now — use the touchscreen to apply make-up to your characters faces, decals on their clothes. Tekken Wii Succesor, Batman Arkham City, AC: Revelations all coming to the new console. 3DS and Wii U. GIVE. 9:40AM A sizzle reel now of all the other 3DS titles. 10:08AM All third party titles in that reel, by the way. 10:07AM Other titles appearing in the reel: Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines (welcome back, old friend!), Ghost Recon Online, Metro: Last Light — they’re DEFINITELY courting the hardcore audience, here.

When you are wearing a fancy dress, you are actually appearing like a different character than you. Kids, especially girls, love wearing costumes. It is celebrated on October 31. Halloween costumes are worn- out in other holidays, even at Christmas. The game even shows you how to change them with an on-screen manual that looks like it just fell out of a fresh box of the bricks. 9:48AM Looks like a Zapper attachment for the controller — the touchscreen shows off a zoomed-in display, Silent Scope style. 9:31AM Talking Star Fox now — looks like it has an alternate control scheme, which lets you steer the ship using the game’s gyroscope. 10:02AM A shooter game, the Wiimote players shoot upwards at a player in a starship, who can see below him using the Wii U touchscreen. So let’s run down the big eight and see which one seems most likely to die, at least in comic book terms. Sony was in attendance showing off Gran Turismo, MLB 10 The Show, and a few other games in 3D, while Nvidia was displaying its work on Everquest II, a great-looking Just Cause 2, and Metro 2033. All of those games used powered glasses to accomplish the 3D effect — various images from different angles flashed too quickly for the eye to see on the screen, and then the glasses “flickered” (many times a second) the views into each eye, creating a mostly impressive 3D effect.

9:49AM Controller can capture images and video, then send them seamlessly to the screen. One can find batman costume on many different websites online, and many physical stores as well. No release window on this one. Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie is scheduled to start shooting by May 2015 in the UK, with a release date of July 8, 2016, Screen Daily reports. Accessories may be shown in the photographs, but are often not included with the outfit. For the boys, there are always great kids Halloween costumes they’ll really enjoy wearing. Kids, men and women all of them enjoy this fest a lot by creative costumes. Parents will have ample opportunities to take lots of pictures and videos as their little ones toddle off for their first Halloween night dressed in a Dragonsaurous or Clifford, the Big Red Dog boys costume. 9:59AM Nice little visual demo on the screen now, a bird flying through the air in a serene cherry blossom forest. 9:46AM New controller on the screen — giant touchscreen confirmed.

9:51AM 6.2-inch screen built in. 9:51AM Totally backward compatible — with games and peripherals — with the original Wii. 10:03AM Announcing Lego City Stories, a TT Games title for Wii U. Looks very, very Grand Theft Auto-y, but with more colorful blocks. 9:57AM Kid Icarus Uprising developer pitched on the Wii U, talking about making Smash Bros. 10:15AM Reggie’s talking up the Nintendo Network, which will bring you gaming news and trailers, and — no, wait! They’re also launching an album of the 25th anniversary concert, which will launch in tandem with Skyward Sword. 9:18AM The orchestra will be performing a series of 25th anniversary Zelda-themed concerts in “major regions” later this fall. The Supergirl storyline will feature Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin with similar powers and allergies (to Kryptonite, specifically). Switching in PvE combat is allowed, but the ability will have a cooldown. Both boys and girls can have a great costume they’ll love to wear for Halloween. All in all, dressing up in costume is one of the best ways to celebrate Halloween at the parties or even Treats and Tricks. Something like 20 Batmans and then one Joker is not a fair fight! Then you might be interested in this upcoming auction from London’s The Prop Store, which we learned about via The A.V.