Batman & Robin is Bizarre… (Review/Breakdown)

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39 thoughts on “Batman & Robin is Bizarre… (Review/Breakdown)”

  1. Poison Ivy walking on the men was to show how she hates men and to show how she’s better than them; over the top but kinda genius. I think some better dialogue showing her hatred of men could’ve been shown; but I think that should be taken off the sin count. Plus, she’s a seductress. Otherwise this movie makes me wanna die.

  2. I remember being a small child in the very late 90's so late in fact that I turned three almost a month maybe two months before it turned to the 2000's and remember having this on VHS

  3. Hey Morgan,
    I liked your series about the different Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies
    Could you please do something similar with the Star wars movies?

  4. There is one thing I want to know about this film: What drugs were everyone except Alicia Silverstone, Chris O’Donnell, and George Clooney on? Because the only explanation for this film is that nearly everyone involved was high as kite.

  5. 15:30 I think it's supposed to be a reference to Malcolm McDowell's character from A Clockwork Orange, why the hell there's a reference to A Clockwork Orange in a Batman movie is anyone's guess.

  6. For the record Movieflame, the disease that Nora and Alfred had in the movie had different stages, with Mr. Freeze having the cure for early stages which Alfred had, but not for late stages for Nora. That's why he couldn't cure his wife, and the movie actually had Bruce explain that.