Batman Leaves Joker To Die

Batman Leaves Joker To Die
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30 thoughts on “Batman Leaves Joker To Die”

  1. Ira laughable how that one "rule" and kept only the joker alive and not anyone else. It's a marketing point at tbis stage. So many fucking things hes do e and Batman is STUPID enough to never make something different either legally or to keep the Joker from doing the same shit week after week

  2. Batman is a hypocrite, Batman has beaten up Red Hood (once his Robin) and a bunch of other people JUST so not a hair on The Joker's head is harmed

    And now that nobody is out to kill The Joker, Batman pulls this one himself, he's probably expecting to see The Joker back next week

  3. Just once I want to see a storyline where the citizens of Gotham start a campaign to legally execute every Supervillain that gets put into Blackgate or Arkham Asylam. I want to see that play out. I want to see Joker on the chair. I want Two Face to have a lethal injection. Put a noose around Firefly's neck. Everyone bitches that Batman doesn't kill. But he keeps putting these whackos in the perfect position to be killed by the very people they victimize. And those people NEVER take the shot.

  4. IDK if anyone else has already pointed this out, but i love the contrast between joker's white face and black eye and batman's black face and white eye at 3:14

  5. The walk away after the "defuse it yourself, line" and the staring contest was really Bruce saying, "I don't need to do anything with you, you'll always find your way out. So do it alone, and I'll be back for the next show." It looked so intense and different, when really it was the exact same thing he's done time and time again.

  6. I don't know why people say batman is cool cause he's so strong without powers… He got thrown off a building and stabbed in the back… and just walked it off… thats not human. And joker got "shot in the eye"… AKA shot in the head… you can't claim your hero has no powers but also make them superman. I dunno- maybe Im just a toxic internet person, but those types of things pull me out of stories that pretend to be grounded without superpowers or ex machinas only to make every character pullet proof and stab proof and falling off 2 story buildings proof…

  7. Harley trying to get Batman to let Joker die by effectively pulling a Dark Knight bomb choice on him was kinda cool. Wish the Joker actually HAD died, but it also makes sense in-character for Batman to tell Joker how to disarm the bomb before going after Harley.