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For baby girls there is a pink Supergirl outfit with a bright hot pink cape, a sweet bunny look with a pink white one-piece jumpsuit with an under the chin tie-on headpiece to which bunny ears are attached, or a multi colored fuzzy Wiggle Worm bunting costume with a cute hat with antennae. Instead of being dark red, its tones leaned toward pink. Today, we take a look at some promising selections through our gallery of infinite earths to see if we can’t find one with a smile on the Dark Knight’s face. The face mask was smashing my face and choking me… In its place was an outfit that closely resembled Saturn Girl’s original. Fortunately, Giffen and Paul Levitz decided the look was over in the 1980s. Hence, during the first annual, Cos introduced a new outfit that closely resembled his original costume. You can see for yourself and examine the wonder woman costume before placing the order.

Is there truly no reality, no version of the timeline, where Bruce Wayne can find a road to happiness? In Batman’s case, Bruce Wayne eventually settled down with Selina Kyle and even raised a daughter, Helena Wayne, who went on to continue her father’s sworn duty as the Huntress. Batman is not tied to a specific, impenetrable material that sets limits for how he can get hurt in the field, making him an even more compelling character because his humanity is always in the foreground. For years now, the TV “Berlanti-verse” has been flirting with continuity, not just in how The Flash was a spinoff of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow was a spinoff of both, but even having the Flash and Supergirl meet up even though they were on different networks and in different universes. His eldest, Jace, has recently returned to Gotham after years of estrangement and now operates as his own version of Batman, independent of Bruce Wayne’s incarnation.

Unlike his animated counterpart, this Batman has refused to relinquish his oath in his old age, relying on mechanical exo-suits and employing robotic Batman drones to keep Gotham City free of any crime. There could be hope for redemption for Old Man Bruce in his relationship with his new protege, the plucky young Terry McGinnis, but this may be a Batman beyond smiling. While the elderly Bruce we see in Batman Beyond is decidedly haunted by the path he’s taken, the old man we see in the future of Kingdom Come is a more complicated figure. While I’ve outlined my criteria for judging the armor sets, we’ve spiced things up with a reader poll to see which armor you guys like and from the results thus far it looks like the Horde have gained a good edge in the voting. While obviously eye-catching, it wasn’t functional in any type of battle. White gloves helped complete the costume. The only elements that resemble a costume were his boots and gloves. 288 when the costume was destroyed. For Bruce Wayne, his costume needs to not only disguise his identity but also protect him from the numerous foes he comes into contact with.

This movie is a completely different story than we have ever seen before when it comes to the caped crusader. For the fans of comics the story is very important. Sweet Martha, no. The future depicted by this universe in 2000’s Batman Beyond animated series and all the comics that followed shows us an embittered Batman disillusioned with his own capabilities and reckoning with a life he fears he may have wasted pursuing an impossible goal. In the Bizarro Universe, every individual is the exact opposite of who they are in the core DC Universe. This, of course, makes way for different scenarios and stories, and so it could see Barry becoming Batman, though why and how are the biggest questions. Barry Allen is the slowest man alive. As one of the Legion’s founding members, it was a somewhat humiliating costume to wear. One difference between Prejudice and its predecessor was immediately apparent: Combatants are no longer the bullet-absorbing behemoths they once were.

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