Batman 66 Saturn Toys Dynamic Duo 1/6 Scale Unboxing & Review

Batman 66 Saturn Toys Dynamic Duo 1/6 Scale Unboxing & Review

This is not an advertising video, it is merely a review of a figure I bought with my own money for my own collection.
It is a third-party unlicensed product, and Saturn Toys do not hold the copyright or license for the Batman 66 series.
If you are considering buying this figure, do it so having full knowledge of the above details.

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28 thoughts on “Batman 66 Saturn Toys Dynamic Duo 1/6 Scale Unboxing & Review”

  1. I have the original Hot Toys 1966 Batman and Robin , they have their problems too but still are differently better than the knock offs but these are not that bad considering how expensive the hot Toys ones are. If i didn't have the Hot Toys ones I'd differently snap these up especially if you just want to put them in the Jazzinc 66 Batmobile. Great review. Thanks giving us an up close look at them.

  2. I have the ht version. There's definitely a difference between the two companies. My opinion if you just want a cheap representation go with Saturn. If you love the 66 figures go with ht. I got ht but literally just to have them, if this was out I would of went with Saturn. Keaton is my era.

  3. Whoa- these aren't too great at all..
    Granted I get they are knockoffs but the issues are sorta a problem:
    The capes are far too short–Robin's should come to the rear thigh and Batman's should come to the rear calves, the shorts for Batman are too loose and seem off in the colors and the belt buckle should be gold, not the same color as the rest of the belt..
    They also should have gave Adam the slight gut but that's atleast fixable..

    Not a horrible set for $400 considering they HT ones go for a grand these days..

    Good video but I have too say: I stopped watching Justin's reviews because he doesn't pose the figures… Please don't be like him–spend a few minutes on articulation : it really helps understand the figures better.. 👍


  4. Mine are on the way. I only got them cause I originally was getting the 66 Batmobile but now that I’m not I’m debating on selling them but they do look good. Batman trunks look bad, hopefully that is something you can adjust to look better. Thanks for the review!